I left Dublin yesterday evening in the most glorious sunshine and flew eastward to a very wet and cold Frankfurt. I am sitting in my hotel room right now waiting for my hair to dry so I can attack it with the GHD. So while I am waiting for this process to be complete, I logged onto my fav fashion website, nymag.com for a little mossie. I discovered the most wonderful concept now on offer. We fashionistas can now invest in up and coming designers via the Fashion Stakes website, and even better, is that you can throw in as little as $50. Now its US based so hence I will commence the research ritual to determine whether we Emerald-islers can send them a few bob.

As you can imagine, this is quite the discovery for me as I can now merge my experience from the day job in the world of Finance and my passionate love for all things fashion….anyhoo be patient and I will return with more details on this fashion-finance opportunity. It’s crazy, earn return on your investment while you shop. Genius.

Oh, this Thursday night I am off to the launch of the Fitflop. I can’t wait to run around in them and watch them help my posture, tone the pins, all in style. They have some great designs which can take you from day to night during the summer. Will have some great pics for you on Friday!

styleisle out from Frankfurt. x


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