Off the Rails to the Maxx (hee hee hee!)

So this afternoon was a lot of fashion fun. I headed out to TK Maxx Blanchardstown for the Give up Clothes for Good styling sessions with Sonya Lennon and Brendan Courtney from Off the Rails. Also there, was my lovely mannequin, Michelle, in all her finery and encouraging others to donate their unwanted attire to a great cause.

I got chatting with Sonya and Brendan, whilst shoppers came looking for some style advice. These two superstylers (to paraphrase Groove Armada) told me that the key to shopping in TK Maxx, is to forget the shopping list! A plan just won’t work in this store, given the abundance of clothes and fabulous designer steals on offer. So, get yourself a shopping trolley, fill it up with everything you like and before you get to the dressing room, start to filter out what you think isn’t going to work. We agreed that it’s all about  the discovery of that all time ultimate bargain!

I had a little rumage through the rails of clothes that  Sonya and Brendan had picked out and I was amazed to find such a choice of chic pieces from Marni, Valentino, Galliano, Calvin Klein…need I go on! You just need to take the time to go through the rails and buried in there is some fashion treasure.  Who knew, huh?

As with everyone I interview, I asked Sonya and Brendan to let me in on their elementary style tip for Spring. “It’s all about legs”, they say. Sonya herself was rocking a pair of uber cool leather shorts, of which I was very envious. So ladies get out there, don your fake tan of choice and show us your pins! Spring is here and everyone is embracing colour again, Brendan looked very summery and even left his socks off in celebration of a new season and the sunshine over the city today.

It was great to talk with two lovely people who appreciate that retailing is suffering as a result of our little cash crisis, and that people are moving to more affordable places to shop, and where better than TK Maxx!

While Sonya helped a lovely lady to some designer garb, Brendan and I talked cameras and the benefits of having an iPhone and I got a little pic of him giving some love to Michelle the Mannequin.

Many thanks to Sonya and Brendan for the fashion chat this afternoon and Katie at Elevate PR.

Bring all your clothes to any TK Maxx store and give up clothes for good!!!


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