Dum dum dee dum….

So we are getting into the season that can cost more than five year’s continental holidays put together, oh yeah, it’s a comin’…get out into town and get on the hunt for the dress, the shoes to match, oh and the handbag, and while we’re at it, some kind of fascinator thingy, and two spare pairs of tights as the budget won’t stretch to a spray tan, and get onto google to find the nearest hairdresser to the location….ah hah… it’s WEDDING TIME AGAIN!

I have five this year…yes I did say FIVE. I have had to come up with the ultimate budget and it was tough I can tell you. I have invested in three dresses. All simple and no fuss and I intend to have two pairs of shoes which will match all three so I have a choice. Dress one was an absolute steal in Dolls on Clarendon street. It’s by designer Karen Walker, reduced from €720 to €100! It’s 100% pure silk in a combination of nude and cream, very Spring I do say. I went for a cream satin hairband with some bow detail and a couple of feathers to go with this. Now, it looked quite plain so I ran into A Rubenesque in the Powerscourt Centre on Saturday and picked up some brown and cream feathers, and a vintage gold button. I have just spent the last two hours creating my fascinator masterpiece and I have to say it looks great. It is completely co-ordinated with the dress (which is missing shoes and handbag to match at present). It just shows that a bit of ribbon goes a long way, especially if you are on a budget and do not want to fork out for a hat you will probably never wear again.

Dresses two and three are from H&M and I got those in Lisbon for €40 each. Dress two is a mink colour in layered chiffon and looks at least 10 times more expensive than it actually is and the best part is, the same fascinator matches this dress too! Dress three is a 1950’s inspired a-line dress in grey with a pink, purple and mint green floral motif which is just beautiful. Very Erdem I think.

Anyway, I am not going to post pics just yet as I want to save the gúnas for the wedding days but I promise to post the pics on the days in question.

Anyhoo, morals of the story:

1) Overlap the shoes and accessories if you have more than one wedding;

2) Buy some ribbon, feathers and get out your needle and thread and have a go at making the head piece, guaranteed to save you some pennies;

3) Go for simple dresses which are not too trendy so you can wear them again;

4) The high street shops have a marvelous selection of dresses and suits for the summer wedding which suits we cost conscious; and finally…

5) Wear those dresses  with a smile 🙂


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