Too cool for school?

Do you remember the various schoolbags you had as you made you’re way through the stages of education? I had LOADS of them and there was something kind of exciting about starting a new year with a new bag, I believe. Perhaps it was a symbol of things to come for me with my obsession with the staple accessory, who knows.

I think I went through phases. I remember the grunge phase with utmost clarity. Now please take heed,  I was no Taylor Momsen. More like Dennis the Mennis. To go with the goth-like attire (tie-dyed dresses, 16 hole docs, stripey tights…gosh when I look back I cringe) I had this black woven school bag that I think cost about £3.99 which I actually tie-dyed with bleach myself. Actually no, I put the bleach in a spray bottle and sprayed little blotches of bleach all over it. I thought I was the “you know what”. Oh gosh, how wrong was I. Thankfully, I have moved on from this stage with the help of Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and Tatler. I graduated from fashion immaturity and experimentation to the higher echelons of style, albeit, taste. I escaped the fashion rebellion and my renegade ways with bleaching school bags, and made the transition to styling outfits to suit my personality and quirks.

Where am I going with this? I want a satchel.

In this week’s Grazia, there is an amazing one from Urban Outfitters. I want to re live the days of school and plod around town sans my Marc Jacobs and avec my satchel. Maybe the desire for the staple piece of that stereotypical image we have of the young English public schoolboy, is symbolic. Perhaps, I long for my days of living under the discipline and the safety of the school environment, instead of being out in the open, responsible for my own actions with no one to tell me off for speaking out of turn or running in corridors (not that I either did that in school or do that presently).

Well I think the satchel is cool, embracing the inner nerd in me, I actually think it will look pretty funky with the grey skinny jeans and petrol blue chiffon vest look I have going on today. Goal for the routine Saturday wander around the shops: find a satchel. I’ll leave it up to you friends.


One response to “Too cool for school?

  1. Nice nice! If you are looking for cool schoolbags, look here: 🙂

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