Fashion and wi-fi deprived blogger….

Ok right. I really really, and officially really hate the airport and here is why.

Vogue is usually €5.93 ish in most shops, however, a well known chain of newsagents/bookshops in the airport (located beside the miles away D gates) must be located in a different democracy, as they had the audacity to charge almost €6.40 for the same magazine! How is this so? On this basis, and only this basis, might I add, did I refrain from buying the fashion bible on the way to London on Saturday night. So I was deprived of up to date fashion knowledge (which has a knock on effect to my readers). So I had to spend the following hour staring out at turbulent clouds instead of educating myself and further developing my technical and professional fashion expertise.

On a happier note, I did purchase MAC concealer for €13.95 and finishing powder for €20.95 which is a real bargain!

As an aside, also pretty ticked off that  there is no free wi-fi in the airport. Does not help the blogger one little bit.


One response to “Fashion and wi-fi deprived blogger….

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