Allesandro who????

Designers go in and out of fashion themselves as much as their creations do. Today I had a thought on the train back from Galway; what ever happened to Allesandro Dell’Aqua? I never really paid that much attention to his work but I loved the way his name sounds. It’s very poetic, romantic even. When I got home, I decided that I had to satisfy my wonder so I did some research. I have loads of fashion encyclopedias which list designers A-Z so I began the hunt.

This did not help. He was not mentioned in any of them. I sat on the floor amidst the mess I had created of books, still wondering. If I recall correctly, Cherche Midi in Blackrock used to carry his shoes? Mmmm, I had to resort to the net.

My poor laptop must be worn out, because I actually never really turn it off. It is of course, the cornerstone of a web business, after all. I logged onto one of my favourite websites, NY, to look up their directory of designers rather than plough through 22 million hits on Google.

So it looks like his last show was Fall 2009, and to be honest given the description of his style as being “lingerie-inspired” would he not have fit right in this Spring/Summer since we are supposed to be wearing underwear as outerwear? Just a thought, that’s all. So after an evening’s research I am none the wiser.

Baffled. I wonder now who else I haven’t heard of in a while. Oh hear, I could be sitting in front of this thing all night.


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