Wow, I could really use this…as could loads of you girlies!!!!

These tough economic times are turning everyone into a savvy shopper and while we want to wear the hottest looks, we also want to get bang for our buck. With the help of the MyShoppingBuddy ‘Cost Per Wear Calculator’ application available free from Nokia’s Application store, The Ovi Store, you can make sure every purchase is rocked to the hilt until the next season’s trends come along. The motto of top fashion industry experts is to divide the price of the item by the number of times you think you will wear it, so MyShoppingBuddy is the perfect tool for every fashionista. In addition to this fashion mistake saving service, MyShoppingBuddy also offers access to money saving tips that will free up some cash to help you to splurge, or save, with confidence. By activating a free account on, you can back up and sync contacts, share and manage pictures, videos and files, access email accounts and download the latest tunes from the Nokia Music Store and, most importantly, download the ultimate guides in beauty and fashion.  Log on to today and makeover your mobile.

The person who invented this is a genius!


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