One night at the IFTAs

I have been to the IFTAs a couple of times but certainly not in the capacity or so close to the action as last night. At 4.45pm last night my phone went and I was posed with a dilemma. I was handed the opportunity to walk the red carpet at 5.30 if I wished. On a plate, there you go, no conditions.

Problem  number one. I had not washed my hair. Problem two. I had approximately 30 mins at this stage to get ready and make my way to the Burlington where I had to arrive looking magnificent. Problem number three. Doubt washed through that I may not look as magnificent as I had envisaged given the dirty hair situation. And Problem number four. OOOHHHH MYYYYY GOSSHHHH WHAT THE HELL WILL I WEAR.

So I sprung into action and activated operation “Get ready in less than 10 minutes”. I ran to  wardrobe containing selection of party/evening/going out dresses. I tore them out of the wardrobe and flung them violently onto the bed in my spare room. I knew what I was looking for but it was alluding me in my 10 minutes of need. Before my eyes, suddenly, I found it. The classic black corset, knee length dress. Ah yes, there you are my sweet. I can always rely on you to save me. I leapt into the dress (I kid you not) and donned some black opaque tights. Next.

Shoes. I strategically keep all my going out shoes in the same wardrobe as the party/ evening/going out dresses so that, in a fashion emergency, I have everything I need. My fashion first aid kit if you will. I selected high black patent court shoes from Dune, for two reasons. One. They are a perfect match for the look I am going for. Second. If running is required to make it on time, these babies will not let me down.

Jacket. It was freezing outside and the impending snow and the cold I have had all week required me to put something over my shoulders. Low and behold, there appears a black puffed-shoulder-sequined mini jacket from Topshop. Over the dress it went.

The above process took five minutes, five to go.

Hair and Makeup. Thankfully I had reapplied my make up shortly before to go out so all I had to do was put the lippy on. I went for Chanel bright red and added some more Mac gel eyeliner. I was nearly there. My heart pounded in the drama but I knew I could make it. I rolled my hair into a side bun and put on that lovely hairband pictured in my earlier blog post (I was later complimented on the hairband by one of the very lovely PR girls, I told her where I got it).


I threw the essentials for “last minute in the car make up re application” into my Marc Jacobs black patent clutch and I ran out the door, down the lift and into my car.

Right, car parked, it’s 5.27. I run to the gate of the Burlington (oh yeah the shoes were such a good choice). There is my ticket to the red carpet. I walk through security who put a lovely invisible stamp on my wrist and with a splash of fairy dust and a miracle to get here on time….I float onto the red carpet.  Phew.

I positioned myself nicely by the door to catch the celebs walking in. The style this year was phenomenal. My favourite, by a long long shot, was Amy Huberman in the most stunning green full length gown. She looked unreal. I wanted to run over and ask who it was but she, and the events and security people, might have thought it an impertinence. The male stars I gazed at were: Josh Hartnett (unreal in real life), Jonathon Rhys Meyers (I caught his eye as he walked in, go me!) and Michael Fassbender (who looked delicious, I have met him a few times but tonight he looked great). Juliette Binoche is stunning and also wore green. Wow this was fabulous. In my previous years, I never got near the red carpet action but tonight I was part of it.

The stars filtered in and I observed the fashion, the photogs, and the general splendour.

Then I was up. It was my turn. I stood proudly in my operation get ready in ten minutes outfit in front of the official back drop of the IFTAs and I flashed the shiny whites with a little signature pose from my modelling days. And the bulbs went off. It only lasted a second but I felt great just in that moment. The PR girl came to me to spell my surname and that was that. The red carpet was over but I was still floating in the dream of it. And I still am on this cold Sunday morning.

I wait in earnest for my photo from the IFTA press office and I’ll put it up as soon as I get it. (Mother has indicated she might blow it up to A3 and put it over the mantle piece, thanks mum, but a bit OTT).

Here’s a little illustration of my dreamy evening.

Sarah Bolger

Jonathon Rhys-Meyers

Matt Dillon

Oh and PS all this happened while I was by myself as my permanent date, the boyf, was at the Leinster match. Brian O’Driscoll was not. I stood next to him on the carpet.


2 responses to “One night at the IFTAs

  1. Unbelievable!!!! You lucky lucky girl!!!! 🙂

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