I have really long hair and although that’s very nice when you want to do something very fancy with it, it’s a bit of a pain when its passed the point of no return in terms of knots and the brush just….won’t…make…it..to..the..ennnnnddddsssss…..And basically just nothing will make it look pretty.

I found this great product from Big Sexy Hair, called, Backcomb in a bottle. I’ve taken to not blow drying my hair fully now and instead just blasting it dry and throwing on some this to give it a bit of texture and to be honest, it works a treat. It gives the just-out-of-bed look without having to actually backcomb the begorra out of your lovely locks.

And to add to the look, go all Gossip Girl and be Queen B with some lovely hairbands from A-wear like this one for just €8 which is currently on my head.


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