Pure update

So I had the most amazing weekend. I attended Pure London. I couldn’t actually talk for the first ten minutes after I walked in. I died and went to Fashion heaven. Speechless. Gobsmacked. Overwhelmed.

We found some amzing labels, new and old including Blush, Angeleye, Darling, Charming, Fever, Almost Famous and the list goes on. Willow will def be the boutique to shop in from now on!

I spent two days putting my buying expertise to good use and I admit to learning quite a lot too! I did notice that the fashion market is changing. Labels have lowered their prices to compete and that’s increasing demand massively. But these are changing times and smaller labels, especially, need to survive.

Trends I noticed for Spring/Summer were lot’s of muted tones and nudes, silk, satin and clashing prints in contrast. Autumn/Winter will keep the colour up with cerise pink, warms greens and petrols, with lot’s of light wool textures.

What surprised me was the range of labels present and the demographic they target. From the 19 year old Twilight loving tween to the 80 year old lady who stills makes her presence felt through her style.

Chic is the word.


One response to “Pure update

  1. Jealous!!! 🙂

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