Friends in blog places

I’m always checking out other blogs to see what everyone else is writing about but mainly because it was for exactly this reason that I started my own. I have plenty to say and I want to share my thoughts with everyone.

One of my favourites is Blanaid Hennessy’s blog at She has amazing taste and posts some very beautiful and sometimes poignant images. Her latest post has a pic from the Balmain Spring/Summer campaign. And well…need I say… you know how much I love that label [see earlier post for my attempts to re-create the look that would normally cost an arm, leg and maybe a head if you decide to buy a jacket].

Anyways, check it out, she has a very cool blog.

Edited: Oh and you should also check out Eimear Varian-Barry’s and Laura Cunningham’s blogs. There’s so much in them and loads of style tips and news. And if you haven’r seen stylebitches, where have you been?????


One response to “Friends in blog places

  1. Wow, I’m very flattered, and also delighted you like the blog!


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