The sweet fragrance of queue carnage….

Last night, reality tv superstar and girlfriend of New Orleans Saints player Reggie Bush, Kim Kardashian launched her new fragrance at Sephora on South Beach. One of my BFF’s, Laura, is totally crazy for her so I volunteered to drive her down to the beach to see what Kimmy looks like in real life. What I didn’t expect was the near-death experience that was the line formed outside the store. The deal was that you bought the perfume and that entitled you to a picture with Kim. I could live with that and I thought, sure I’ll ask her for a quote to post on my February issue of

So it’s just after 6pm and Laura and I join the back of the line on Collins Avenue, South Beach. As we wait impatiently (there is nothing I hate more than standing in line for hours, actually no I’ll correct myself, it took me nearly an hour to leave the car park at Dolphin Stadium last week after the pro-bowl). We began to eavesdrop in on the group of scantily clad teenagers in front of us and we learned that in order to see Miss Kardashian you had to have a wrist band. And guess what…they were all out of wrist bands. And to top that, they were all out of perfume. Well that’s just great.

Well we weren’t having any of this. We headed to the door of the shop and decided to give it our best Oscar performance and see if we can make our way in. At this time, I would like to point out that I had emailed Kim’s PA, earlier this week to enquire about getting press entry. So I managed to get her publicist to come out and talk to me. She very pleasantly told me I was not on the list and could not come in. Darn. No Oscar for me anyway that’s for sure.

So we waited and waited. At this point, there was an abundance of queue skipping which spiralled into absolute chaos on the street, to a point where the lady from Sephora on the door was screaming like a banshee at the crowd. This was the time that I declared that this was just not worth the hassle.

I had intended to write a great blog post today and post the great picture I was going to take with Kim. Nevermind, no Irish press coverage for the fragrance.

Laura walked, with dejection down the street after the drama and resorted to plodding our way back to the jeep parked 10 blocks away. We consoled ourselves with a starbucks and went to have a quick look in Kim’s sibling’s store, Dash on Washington avenue where I picked up a great little vest [photo to follow].

Our efforts to meet KK may have been in vain but God does love a trier. X

This is as close as we could get and it's through a window


One response to “The sweet fragrance of queue carnage….

  1. Such a disaster!!! 😦 next time!!!

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