Purple rain, puuuurple rain…..

Style tip from me

 Although not entirely visible in this photo, today’s style tip is about lipstick. Now I very rarely venture into the realm of colour for the lips, I tend to stick with neutrals and light pinks. But having procured the second season of Gossip Girl, I decided some bolder colours were necessary. So to complement your latest party outfit, why not try a spot of purple? (Just hear me out, I hear the doubt eminating from you all).

Givenchy have brought out a fab range called Printed Lips which is a lip stainer. It comes in a variety of colours but the purple is definitely the most striking. Throw a bit of clear gloss over it to soften the look if you’re a bit scared of the colour at first.
Try it out with some smoky eyes, pile on the liner (I prefer MAC’s gel based liner) and bat those lashes and pout that purple pucker with vigour! Embrace the Taylor Momsen in you.
(PS Promise to find a better picture to illustrate the colour!)

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