PS I love you

I used to think that there was no other designer than Marc Jacobs. Marc could do no wrong in my eyes. But I figured that in order to be a good blogger I better start opening my eyes to the splendour of other fashion houses so that I could see the world of fashion from more educated eyes. That’s when I discovered the line which not only took my breath away, the line that I wanted to wear morning, noon and night, the line that makes my little fashion filled heart flutter. Oh yes, this pair have bewitched me. And I’ve fallen hard. I can actually say that I’m in love again, and to be in love with clothes is like no other kind of love. It consumes you, it’s inconvenient, it beholds you. So here we go…

Hello my name is styleisle and I’m in love with Proenza Schouler. There I said, now I feel so much better.

I would trade my car in for just one touch of the ruffles of a superbly crafted layered mini skirt, paired with the kaleidoscope of yellow and green adorned sweater.  Ahhhhh….(accompanied by a longing sigh).

So anyone who would like to contribute to my PS I love you fund, in order to help a fashion obsessed blogger, all donations are welcome.

(Oh and Marc, I will always have a special place in my heart for your handbags.x)


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